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"Some Moments" at the Averill and Bernard Leviton A+D Gallery, 619 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60605

Join us for a curated invitational of performance, words, and sound on the occasion of The Moments Between: New Work by Rafael E. Vera, on view at A+D Gallery through February 21. Some Moments will be followed by an artist talk, and guests will receive an artist’s book published to accompany the exhibition by Piecrust.

Participating artists include Victor Marquez Barrios, Rachel E. Foster, Becky Grajeda, and Erik L. Peterson in collaboration with jorsTAP Dance Company founded by Kendra Jorstad; Curated by Jessica Cochran and Rafael E. Vera. 


Rachel E. Foster, So Much I Want to Tell You 
Foster will present a PowerPoint presentation that exists somewhere between artist’s talk and performance piece. Replicating how we experience the Internet, randomized but curated information is presented in rapid-fire succession leaving the viewer to decode its collective meaning.

Becky Grajeda, Evidence Poem 1: A blot could end everything 

A live mixed multichannel sound collage made from field recordings of household heating systems and her family's history. With this collage she creates an abstract portrait of her family situated amongst familiar mechanical sounds of domesticity. 

Victor Marquez Barrios, The Moments Between
Instrumentation: Bb Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
In The Moments Between, the two instruments involved are dependent on one another in ways that challenge traditionally assigned roles in music, such as: melody + accompaniment, high/low, etc. In this case, both clarinets move constantly into each other’s territory in terms of register and timbre, playing with extreme dynamics in an attempt to blur the line dividing the two individual parts. As a result, the main thematic ideas in this work are made up of the interlocking of the two musical lines.

Erik L. Peterson
A temporary installation and video documentation of a public performance collaboration between Erik L. Peterson and jorsTAP Dance Company founded by Kendra Jorstad, commissioned and developed in response to the exhibition. 

All events are free and open to the public.