Evidence Poem 1: A blot could end everything is a two-channel sound collage made from recordings of a household hot water heater and a conversation with Grajeda's family members. 

This collage should be played quietly through speakers in an open room. 

The title comes from two types of paper and mixed media collages by Czech visual poet Jiří Kolář, evidence poems (created from ephemera from daily life) and elemental poems and collages (in which large areas of an image are removed or simple cuts are made into the image).

This piece was created for the event Some Moments, an afternoon of performances created in response to the exhibition The Moments Between, a solo exhibition of work by Rafael Vera at the A+D Gallery in Chicago in January and February of 2015.  

More information on Some Moments at http://www.colum.edu/adgallery/Exhibits/the-moments-between-new-work-by-rafael-e.-vera-1.php